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  • What is Paragon’s core competency?
    In a word: Experience. Paragon has a record of more than 80 years in the health care industry. For our clients this means an approach grounded in reality and practice.
  • What is Paragon’s long-term viability?
    With almost a century of health care experience under our belt, Paragon is just hitting its stride as the Mississippi-based company dedicated to medical billing and practice management. By teaming the Mississippi Hospital Association, we have entered a new era of strength and reliability.
  • How can Paragon help us reach our Emergency Department goals?
    There is no cookie cutter approach with us. Paragon conducts an in-depth, ongoing analysis of your ED’s operations before making recommendations. Opportunities for growth and change are in the details, and we have the knowledge and experience to examine those details before discovering the best way forward for you.
  • What does it cost me?
    The price of our services varies, depending on a number of factors, from practice to practice. All of our charges are fair and competitive.
  • Who will handle my account?
    The team members you meet will be the experts on your account. There is no B Team and no one will be flown in to set up operations and move on to the next account. With Paragon, what you see is what you get.
  • How do I pay for the services?
    Paragon bills monthly and our accounts pay with a company check or by bank draft.
  • When can the partnership start?
    As soon as Paragon is granted the contract, we will begin moving forward. Some improvements can begin quickly. Others require infrastructure and physical plant changes and will take longer. You will be given an ambitious, realistic timeline to help us stay on track.
  • What if the facts on the ground change?
    In addition to being experienced and knowledgeable, Paragon is adaptable. As reality changes, we will adapt to that reality, keeping your goals in mind.
  • Will the relationship be confidential?
    Paragon respects and honors the confidence of all of our clients. We will abide by the law and by our word as we move forward with you to meet your goals.
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